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THREE CARD DRAW POKER, Score Gaming: An easy-to-play game, Three Card Draw Poker gives the players the option of discarding a card from their original three, then drawing a card to complete a three-card hand. At the start of play, you must make an ante and have the option of making a First Three Bonus bet. You then receive three cards, while the dealer receives four. After you look at your cards, you have three options. You can fold, and forfeit your ante. You can make an In to Win bet equal to your ante and stand on your first three cards, or you can discard a card and make a Draw Bet equal to your ante to receive an extra card. After all bets are made, the hand is decided by the higher-ranking poker hands, using three-card rankings where straights outrank flushes. If you win, youre paid even money on the ante and on either In to Win or Draw. In addition, a bonus is paid to In to Win/Draw bettors who have a straight or better. Bonus payoffs are even money on a straight, 5-1 on three of a kind , 10-1 on a straight flush and 20-1 on a mini-royal.

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