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Despite its occasional flashes of nostalgia, the show has done much the same. Finally, we see the return of Gordon Cole, played as ever by David Lynch, who is busy investigating a murder whose culprit can be ascertained through a series of random clues: a pin-up picture, a pair of pliers, a photo of two women in swimsuits and another of a little boy, a gun, and a jar of — I don’t know — pumpkin seeds? “The congressman’s dilemma,” says Cole somberly. It’s a moment so flush with non sequiturs that it seems almost like Twin Peaks is making fun of itself — unless of course it’s Twin Peaks being so Twin Peaks that there’s no difference, like a surrealist demonstration of Poe’s Law . The meeting is interrupted when Cole gets a call from a prison in South Dakota letting him know that (Bad) Cooper is back! And currently locked up because of the machine gun, drugs, and severed dog leg the local cops found in his trunk. When Gordon, Albert Rosenfield, and newcomer Tamara Preston arrive at the prison, Bad Cooper says it’s all just a misunderstanding and that he’s been working undercover with Philip Jeffries (a.k.a. the FBI agent played by David Bowie in Fire Walk With Me), but it’s pretty obvious to everyone that something is very wrong. “I hate to admit this, but I don’t understand this situation at all,” Cole later says.

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Two charged with operating video gambling machines in Statesville

The Rinehardts own and operate Pure Fire, which has three locations in Statesville, according to police. All three locations were raided last month. Capt. Bryan Johnson, supervisor of the criminal investigations division, said police began investigating after receiving citizen complaints about the businesses. The businesses are at 112 Signal Hill Drive, 3442 E. Broad St. and 1470 W. Front St. Search warrants show undercover officers played slot-machine type games at two of the locations in May, and were then granted warrants to search each of the businesses. Police raided the locations on May 23 and seized more than 120 computers used to play gambling games, according to police.

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