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If you got a good job you might say something such as that is a plum of a job. We all know what making a mint means. Did you ever date a peach of a girl? My grandmother used that as her mantra to me, Frank make sure you only dates girls who are peaches. (Unhappily, I did date some girls who were the pits.) Finally, if a girl were caught chewing gum it was considered unseemly. Why? Because those slot symbols that looked like gum came from establishments correct young ladies should not frequent. Of course, today young girls crackling and popping their gum is no longer considered unseemly although it still might be considered disgusting. And girls inhabit the same seedy places men do, and as such women are no longer considered unseemly because they also do so. The early slots were mechanical devices and could be easily beaten by clever crooks who could manipulate the handles. Thus, even early on the crooks and the machines were called the "one-armed bandits. In point of fact, the early slot machines were outright bandits as they had a 50 percent to 75 percent payback.

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