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According to a report furnished by, 2016 was a year of ups and downs for the industry as a whole. According to the report , brick and mortar casinos in states like Pennsylvania and Maryland are continuing to thrive after recent regulatory changes made casino play more accessible. To the contrary, the brick and mortar industry in New Jerseyspecifically Atlantic Cityis going downhill in a hurry. According to, 2016 was not the best year for places like Atlantic City and Las Vegas, but it was great for other states that are beginning to explore the expansion of the brick and mortar casino foothold in the state. The report, though highlighting the ills of well-established casinos, went on to explain that not everything is all bad. In fact, New Jersey, which only legalized an intrastate online casino back in 2011, is seeing its online casino industry boom. With sites recording month over month revenue gains of 30% and more, the online casinos are, in a sense, saving the failing brick and mortar locations. This success is causing other states and territories to take notice and we imagine that 2017 will feature more massive developments in the legal battle for online casino freedom. Finally, the report went on to highlight that, while states are becoming more liberal with regards to their acceptance of gambling both online and offline, opponents still exist. Big names like Sheldon Adelson are fighting to ban online operations in order to expand their own brick and mortar projects.

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