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If you’re a fan of blackjack , then you’re in good company. There’s a reason that it’s the world’s most popular casino card game. The same is true for online casinos in New Jersey , and the latest blackjack game to hit the virtual felt is sure to take the Garden State by storm. NetEnt are best known to New Jersey online casino players for their award-winning online slots , which many reviewers and experts consider to be some of the best in the industry. Now, they’ve taken that expertise to the blackjack tables and delivered perhaps the finest online blackjack in New Jersey. The software is extremely smooth, incredibly intuitive and very user-friendly; even a rank blackjack beginner will feel right at home with this fool-proof interface. Where to play NetEnt blackjack online in New Jersey A number of online casinos in New Jersey offer this exciting new blackjack game. At Caesars , you can find it listed as “Classic Blackjack” while at Golden Nugget and SugarHouse , you’ll see the icon to the right. Check out our New Jersey online casino reviews to find the site that’s right for you.

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Gambling greats gather at annual Blackjack Ball in Las Vegas

Anthony Curtis at the Ultimate Blackjack Tournament. World-class poker icon Phil Ivey even made an appearance. After dinner, voting for the 2017 Blackjack Hall of fame inductee commenced. To no one's great surprise, Don Johnson was voted into one of the most exclusive groups in all of gaming, the Blackjack Hall of Fame. Johnson is arguably the most famous blackjack player in the world. His exploits reached legendary status when, several years ago, he whacked a few Atlantic City casinos for $15 million over a few weeks while utilizing loss rebate programs. This historic win elevated him to the top tier of advantage players, prompting all who learned about it to ask, "What would a person do with such a large win?" Next, the chore of crowning the 2017 world's greatest blackjack player commenced. A series of 21 questions are given to the field of attendees. They are a combination of gaming probability theory questions and general gaming knowledge questions, and they are tough. The top five high scores proceed to the final table, where a skills test determines the ultimate winner. The 2017 Grojean Cup took the form of a 15-liter bottle of Luc Belaire Rare Rose Champagne and was awarded to Anthony Curtis, publisher and owner of the Las Vegas Advisor website and president and CEO of the Huntington Press publishing house, the largest publisher of casino-gaming-related books in the world. Curtis is also the proprietor of the Gambling with an Edge website.

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